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Book Cover for Overcoming Sexual Abuse From The Inside Out

Overcoming Sexual Abuse : From The Inside Out

In her debut book, Theresa Reiff offers hope and encouragement for those struggling with the aftermath of sexual abuse. Follow along on the steps of her journey to recovery from sexual abuse in her childhood. Discover how she traded slavery for freedom, mourning for joy, anger for peace, blame for forgiveness, and foolishness for wisdom. Ultimately, learn how she overcame confusion about who she is, as she uncovered her true identity.

Wherever you are in your journey to healing and wholeness, you are invited to combine Theresa’s process with your own, to overcome sexual abuse from the inside out.


I am honored to call Theresa Reiff my friend. Her story of restoration is one I hope everyone can hear. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for this amazing book to encourage, empower and inspire so many to bring their truth out into the Light.  This is where the freedom to heal and truly see how God can bring beauty from the ashes of past pain! So very proud to walk this journey with her as she continues to blaze a trail to set so many others free!

Candy Coburn



Who are you? Do you know how to answer this question? When asked do you answer with your profession, title or hobby? We were all originally created by God on purpose with purpose. In this upcoming book, Theresa explores with you who you are based on who God is. "If God is love and you were created in His image then you are meant to be the fulfillment of 1 Corinthians 13 (the love chapter in the Bible)." Coming Spring 2022!

Being You - Discovering Who You Are By Discovering Who God Is

Podcast coming January 2022!

AFTERMATH - Overcoming What's Left Behind

The statistics are staggering, either you have been sexually abused or you know someone who has. On, Aftermath: Overcoming What's Left Behind, we want to normalize talking through this type of potentially crippling abuse. Theresa Reiff and her co-host Tom Fallon have overcome the aftermath of sexual abuse in their lives. Join them as they share the hope and joy they have found in the aftermath.

© 2021 by Theresa Reiff

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