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Rant NOT Over ... WWJD?

A lady almost ran into my new car today with her trailer! Then she decided it was a good idea to give me the finger! How in the world am I supposed to feel about that? The injustice! Who can I report her to? Unfortunately, no one. On top of not having anyone to do anything about her behavior, how am I supposed to deal with the frustration I now feel at the world!! I mean really, how could she do that? What did I do to deserve that treatment? I was sitting at the light like everyone else waiting for the turn signal to turn green and she had no regard for the fact that her trailer almost hit my brand-new car.

Life can easily take a frustrating turn, can’t it? And we can easily pick up offenses in our day that we don’t even have time to process. So, what do we do with all those feelings? We’ve all seen the people that decide to tail the other person for a while – bad choice. Then there are the horn leaners…long and attention-grabbing, not my favorite either. My go-to? Nothing. I get out nothing but a face of shock. Then, if I let it, the festering.

WWJD – remember those rubber wristbands? Even though it was overused and somewhat abused, there is something to it, isn’t there? Jesus said we are supposed to love our enemies. He said to forgive, times infinity. Ouch! Forgiveness is hard when we feel we’ve been treated so wrongly.

There are some women in the Bible that are great friends with Jesus, Mary, and Martha. One day, all the disciples, twelve of them, and Jesus were hanging at their house. Martha, as was expected of her, was getting food prepped and ready to feed all these hungry men. However, her bestie, Mary, plopped herself on the floor at Jesus’ feet. Talk about a face full of shock! Martha felt slighted, unappreciated and abandoned. But Jesus, his response to Martha is that Mary chose right. Defying the cultural expectations for women, Jesus welcomed them to sit with Him and rest. And in that, all the frustration, exhaustion and expectations melted away.

Black car viewed from the side

Moments of injustice will come. Expect them and forgive them. We have to find His presence in those moments. And we need His help to let go. And, if you are the lady that gave me the finger – I forgive you. Turn on some music, be grateful for what you have, and decide to have the right attitude. Put yourself at the feet of Jesus and just rest.

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